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Friday , March 24 2017

Ginger Acts Better Than Pain Pills


A new research published in the journal Arthritis revealed that ginger is an effective remedy against pain. This spice’s effects against pain are similar to those of Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is one of the most popular painkillers, but this research shows that it does not reduce cytokine levels in the organism. …

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5 Ways to Ease Your Bunions Without Surger


The bunions can be activated by tonsillitis, uncomfortable shoes, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, infection associated with rheum and they are in explanation one kind of salt deposits. If they appear to your legs you eventually will feel big pain, your legs will look unattractive and you will search the proper …

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How To Improve Blood Circulation During Winter Months?


Even though cold hands and feet draw attention to circulation problems, this disorder can show other symptoms as annoying pain that causes calves’ cramps after a long walk and disappears after a good rest, tingling in the feet and toes, pale purple or blue skin. Less hairiness on the legs …

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