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Monday , January 23 2017

Difference Between An Old And A New Toothbrush


If you want to be one of those people with bad hygiene, simply do not change your toothbrush. However, once you see the following Applied Science informational video you may get more desire to devote more attention to this accessory. A powerful microscope can clearly show the difference between a …

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Solution For Removing Acne On The Neckline


The causes of small acne appearing in the area of the neck may be different, such as sweating, allergic reactions of certain skin cream or a certain detergent for washing clothes, stress and others. Acne on the neckline should be treated similarly to those appearing on the face. 1. Cleaning …

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Types Of Garlic And Their Effects On Our Overall Health


Garlic belongs to the genus Allium from the Lilly genus and its related species or relatives are garlic, leeks, onions and other types of garlic. Garlic is grown and used in diet long ago, not only because of the distinctive flavor, but also because of the numerous medicinal properties it possesses. …

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