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Sunday , February 19 2017

A homeless Thai got a job and a home in gratitude for an honest act

    Bright Side believes that truly honest people stay true to their principles even in difficult situations.   Woralop, a 44-year-old homeless resident of Thailand, is one of those people.   Having picked up a designer wallet at a subway station, he resisted the temptation to take its contents. Instead, he hurried to return it to the owner. And this is despite the fact he found 20,000 …

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    High cholesterol, which is a known factor for the decrease in heart health may harm more than ourcardiovascular systems and lead to bone loss, say researchers including one of Indian-origin.   The new research conducted using animal models suggests that high levels of cholesterol can trigger mitochondrial oxidative …

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7 Things Women Do, But Are NOT Approved by Their Gynecologist!

As patients, there are a number of services and qualities we expect from our gynecologists. We want them to be nice, nonjudgmental, punctual, and super-knowledgeable about our nether regions. But, you know what? Our doctors wish we’d followed some rules too. Below, gynecologists share the top 7 habits they wish …

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