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Thursday , April 27 2017
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Why Spirulina Algae is so Powerful?

Due to its many health utilities, Spirulina goes for true super foods. This marine algae violently conquered Hollywood, where celebrities claim that the secret of their beauty and health lies in consuming Spirulina . Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr  are just some of the great number of stars who are amazed …

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20 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Here are 20 foods that offer the most benefits pound for pound than any other foods on the planet. They not only show up on our massive list of Superfoods they also make it onto plenty of top tens across the Internet, and several have long been known to provide …

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Six Tips for Removing Earwax at Home!

Your inner ear is a delicate part of your ear canal, it is so sensitive that it has to be protected from microorganisms, bacteria and dust particles, and this is where the earwax is so important. Apart from providing protection to your inner ear where your ear drum lies it …

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10 Home Remedies For Asthma

Asthma is an incessant provocative ailment that influences the air sections that convey air from the nasal region and mouth to lungs and the other way around. At the point when a man experiences asthma, he/she thinks that its hard to take in outside air and in this manner, feel …

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