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Monday , March 27 2017
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Can You Find The Panda In This Black And White Brainteaser?

Brainteasers have a pretty good track record on the internet.

For whatever reason, people like to prove that they’ve got some eagle eyes on them, so people share visual brainteasers with a smug quote about how they figured it out.

By the looks of things, 2017 has found its first viral brainteaser!



So, can you see it?

I’ll be honest, I quite like the idea that this is some kind of weird psychological trick being played on us by someone heavily into the drugs.

It seems like the only excuse to use pills as the camouflage, right?

I mean, surely they could’ve just used something completely vague and without subtext instead? Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

If you’re struggling to find the panda, don’t worry, we’ve got a nice little reveal on the next page!

We know how annoying it can be when it seems like everyone can figure out one of these things while you struggle on.

This is why we decided to throw the reveal below to help some of you out!



When it’s pointed out to you it seems so simple!

Okay, so, if you didn’t get that one and feel a little about about needing the reveal, we’ve got a couple more just for you.

Remember, the reveal to every visual brainteaser can be found on the next page!



So, from pandas to pigs now, do you think you can find the four leaf clover in this one?

I know what you were thinking when you first saw this picture. You were thinking that you only had to find the top hat! Not that easy I’m afraid!



Did you find it?!

I’ll be honest, I had to have a peek to be able to see where the clover was, so there’s no judgement coming from.

Okay, only one more now, and it’s easier than these other two.

You’ve got a chance to redeem yourself here people. All you’ve got to do, is find the turtle. The answer isn’t too far below either so watch out if you want to keep it a challenge!



Can you see him? Without being too rough on whoever designed this one, I find half the difficulty comes the roughly designed dinosaurs.

Can you see it? Do you need some help.

Okay, well, if you don’t think you can find it on your own, take a look below at the solution.






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