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Monday , March 27 2017
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This Is How Sharing A Photo Of Lemons Could Save A Woman’s Life

Cancer is a terrible illness.

It can rip a person apart, and it can tear a loved one away from their family.

Sadly, almost everyone reading this post has been, or knows someone who has been effected by cancer.

While most people will often share a photo or a love heart that says they’re ‘supporting the fight against cancer’, one person decided to take a different approach.

She decided to share a photograph which could save countless lives from cancer.


Erin Smith Chieze, a breast cancer survivor shared her own special message which aimed at helping women learn to spot the early signs of breast cancer, so they’d have a better chance at surviving.

The photos were originally posted by Worldwide Breast Cancer, and the series of photos were called ‘Know Your Lemons’.


It became viral in a matter of days. Not long after it was originally posted, it managed to reach 7.2 million people. That’s incredible.

While the campaign to make sure women are more aware about what to look for, it’s rather different in it’s approach.


While many other breast cancer charities use diagrams of breasts in their campaign, this campaign’s use of lemons made the topic easier to relate to and interact with.

While the ‘Know Your Lemons’ campaign was becoming more and more popular, it was Erin’s response to it that captured the spirit of what spreading awareness for cancer should be.

Erin spoke out about women sharing hearts on Facebook in solidarity, as it does ‘nothing’ to ‘spread awareness’ according to Erin.

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Despite the post being share 40,000 times, people took offence that Erin said the heart game ‘wasn’t doing any good’.

Many women responded to her in the comments of her post, and honestly, it was a mixed reception.

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There is nothing wrong with sharing a heart to show your support. But it’s also important that you make your friends aware of what to look for, sharing a heart and a photo bumpy, lumpy, and dimpled lemons is a great idea.

It’s important that women know what to look for when they check their breasts. Early detection could save their life.

Feel free to SHARE this post with your female friends and family, it could save their life.




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