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Monday , March 27 2017
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Mom Pushed Her Kids Out Of A Burning House, Then Locked Herself In To Save Them

A mother will do anything for their children. Even if that risks them getting seriously injured, or worse.

When their children are in danger, quite often the mothers go into protective mode, and they become an unstoppable force with only one goal. Making sure their children are safe.


When a stranger stumbled upon a burning house in Newman Lake, Washington, he found two children who had barely managed to escape the devasting fire. They were standing outside the door.

But what the stranger didn’t know was that inside the house, there was the children’s sister and mother. The pair of them were unconscious.


The fire started around 2 am on the 29th of October, Angel Fiorini, a mother of three, woke up coughing as black smoke filled her lungs, slowly suffocating her.

She quickly realized that the house was on fire. In that moment, she quickly ran into each room to find her children.



Angel managed to wake two of her children and get them to safety. These were the two children the stranger saw outside the burning house, 18-month-old Rosalie, and 3-year-old Vinny.

But, Angel’s 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, was still in the burning house.


So Angel did what any other mom would do, she went back inside. But the two children who she managed to save were worried about their mom and tried to reenter. So, Angel was forced to lock the door behind her, so her young children didn’t follow.


This brave mother managed to find Gianna. She used her body as a shield to protect her 7-year-old daughter from the flames. But the smoke filled the house, meaning Angel’s sight of the doorway had now vanished.

They both laid near the doorway, both unconscious and badly burned.

According to reports from the Independent Journal Review, someone saw the smoke and pulled Angel and Gianna out of the house.

Luckily, the youngest children only suffered minor injuries. But unfortunately, Angel and Gianna were in bad shape.

Even with the protection of her mother, Gianna suffered from second-degree burns which covered 14% of her body.


The incredible super mom suffered second and third-degree burns
all over her body, which required extensive skin grafts.

Friends and family were devastated by the news of the fire, but they were not surprised by Angel’s heroic actions. One family member said that ‘(Angel) holds down their family 100%. She’s strong and loving… When you get married to a woman, you hope that your wife will be like that.’


People often say that a mother’s love is the greatest kind of love there is. Because of Angel’s bravery, she managed to save her family.

Thankfully, she has made a successful recovery and is now reunited with her children.

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