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Thursday , March 30 2017
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Chinese Twin Sisters Who Were Separated At Birth Are Reunited Ten Years Later – This Is Emotional!

A pair of sisters who were separated at birth has found each other after ten years of being apart. The tearful reunion was caught on camera this Tuesday after the families endeavored to find each other when they found out the had a sister in December.



The Doering family realized their adopted daughter must have had a sibling when they found a photo of them posing as babies with their Chinese foster mother and went on an investigative search to find the sibling in the photograph.

When Audrey Doering’s mother was able to find her daughter’s twin sister, she reunited them both through FaceTime, through which they first spoke.

The two twins reunited with each other in person live on television on Good Morning America, where they arranged to wear the same uniform.

They both wear glasses, so there was one part of their outfit that they didn’t have to arrange ahead of time. Without prompting, the two ten-year-olds ran into each other’s arms and began crying.



The two twins grew up over 1,500 miles away from each other, with one living in Richland, Washington and the other in Wausau, Wisconsin, so I imagine that the immense amount of traveling, combined with the emotional drama surrounding their reunion was too much for the two of them to handle.

When being interviewed, the two twins said that it felt as if something had always been missing but now they were complete.

While it may seem bittersweet that these two know each other exists, but lives so far away, it’s good to know that they will be able to see each other throughout their lives and be comfortable knowing there’s always someone out there.



Believe it or not, but the parents also became quite emotional during the interview. I imagine it must be insane to find out your adopted daughter has always had a twin sister, a sister that will now always be a part of your life for better or worse.

In a world dominated by unpleasant news, it’s nice to know that there positive stories out there regarding love and reunion.

This is guaranteed to get you all emotional, so we warn you, get your tissues ready.

See the video below if you want the full story, as well as watch the sisters being reunited live on Good Morning America:

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