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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Home Was Abandoned for 70 Years, But When They Unlock The Door For The First Time, They Couldn’t Believe What They Saw

This beautiful apartment in Paris was abandoned in 1939. But 70 years later, an auctioneer opened the apartment and discovered some incredible pieces of artwork that were valued in the millions.

Madame de Florian was just 23-years-old when she abandoned her apartment in Paris, France.

It was the start of the Second World War, and it’s believed that Madame de Florian received word that German soldiers were heading towards Paris.

In an effort to stay out of harm’s way, she locked her apartment and fled with other Parisians to safer shores.


The Free Zone was where Madame de Florian fled to, safety and security awaited her there.

However, Madame de Florian never returned to her apartment. She continued to pay rent for the rest of her life. She died at the age of 91, in 2010.


After her death, her relatives and heirs learned of her apartment in Paris. They hired an auctioneer named Oliver Choppin-Janvry to take an inventory of any notable belongings in the abandoned apartment.

Oliver was rendered speechless after opening the door to Madame de Florian’s apartment, which had been abandoned for 70 years.


Thankfully, a member of his team was on hand to take the perfect snapshot of the apartment.

The apartment was covered in age and dust, but despite this, it wasn’t long until Oliver spotted a few items of importance and significant value.

The dining area was stocked with dishes and glassware. Artwork laying about the apartment, ready to be transported.


Even the vanity table was perfectly preserved in the moment of time where Madame de Florian decided to flee Paris. The makeup brushes and perfume bottles were still there, scattered across the table.



Micky Mouse and Porky Pig doll were found in the corner of the room.


The most interesting piece of art was a portrait of a beautiful woman in a pink gown. Upon further examination, it was discovered that the woman in the portrait was Marthe de Florian, Madame de Florian’s grandmother.

While at first glances, the artist of the stunning portrait wasn’t known, upon further inspection and research, it was concluded that the painting was done by Giovanni Boldini. He was an Italian painter from the Belle Epoque period.


Marthe de Florian was well-known as a Parisian actress. She lived a lavish lifestyle and had an equally lavish love life.

Love letters were found in the apartment, from an array of famous suitors, one which included several Prime Ministers and Presidents of Rance.

Upon further evidence, researchers believe that Mathe and Giovanni were lovers.

In 2010, the portrait of Mathe sold for $3.4 million dollars, making it the most valuable of any of Giovanni’s work.

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