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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Experts Are Urging Parents Not To Swing Children By Their Arms

Most of us have been swung by our parent’s arms as children, and we’ve more thank likely done it with our own children.

As long as you’re careful, it doesn’t cause any harm, right?


Well, according to experts, it could be very bad for our children.

Swinging children by their arms can cause painful injuries and parents should be more careful, and ‘take greater care’, according to experts.

While it may seem like fun at the time, swinging our children is actually putting them in danger. This shocking news is coming from a non-profit website, Kids Health.


Children under the age of four have less developed bones and ligaments. Which means they’re more prone to getting ‘nursemaid’s elbow’, also known as ‘pulled elbow’.

What is nursemaid’s elbow?

Nursemaid’s elbow is the dislocation of the elbow joint. It occurs when one of the bones in the elbow moves out of place.

Because their ligaments and bones aren’t fully developed yet, children aged from one to four are prone to developing this in later life.


How is it caused?

It’s caused by pulling the arm too hard. It’s quite easy to desolate because of the undeveloped bones and ligaments. This can cause the child an extraordinary amount of pain. It will also stop them from using their arms.



What’s the treatment?

A doctor or a nurse can put the bone back into place. The pain is usually temporary, but when you’re a young child, even the shortest space of time can feel like an eternity. But once the bone is in the correct place, the pain will disappear.


Because of this, experts are now warning children to be careful when playing with their children, especially when swinging them by their arms at such a young age.

An orthopedic surgeon from online health platform Doctify, Amer Khan, talked about this recent revelation.

‘Any particularly excessive sudden traction force to the upper limb may potentially cause injury to the joints in the upper limb.


‘In my experience, I have seen very little incidences of direct injury to the shoulder and elbow joint as a result of children swinging by their hands holding onto adults. However, it is obvious that parents or guardians need to exercise common sense and care when playing with children.’


Adam Pandit, is a surgeon, who specializes in shoulders and elbows. He currently works at Spire Thames Valley in Slough, UK.

Adam spoke to The Independent about playing ‘rough’ with young children.


‘You can’t wrap your children in cotton wool but you can take greater care when playing with them in a sort of ‘rough and tumble’ sort of way – be aware that all their joints are still forming so anything that puts extra pressure on them can have a detrimental effect.’

While you can’t wrap your children in cotton wool for their whole lives, it’s important to be careful with your children, especially when they’re still developing structurally.




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