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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Cheating Woman Ruins Her Marriage LIVE On Air In Order To Win A Cash Prize

A few years back, in 2008, Lauren Cleri took part in an American game show called The Moment of Truth.

The concept of the show was pretty simple. You’re asked a series of questions and you have to answer them honestly. If you lie, you lose.

Lauren was asked some serious questions, and gave some pretty blunt and sometimes awkward answers that were all brutally honest.


The footage of Lauren’s brutally honest answers has gone viral since they first aired. Honestly, after watching the video myself, I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe.

The episode was extremely controversial. It even sprung open a debate about whether it should be on the air or not. It showed Lauren answering some tough questions about her marriage.

All of her answers were sent through a polygraph test to see if she was telling the truth.


‘It was the most uncomfortable I’d ever been on television,’ said the host of the show. Regardless of the tough questions, Lauren seemed eager to answer all of the questions.

She explained ‘I am really not concerned about the money. I just feel a lot better getting everything I need to get off my chest.’



At first, Lauren was asked a few basic questions. Would she steal money from her place of employment? Would she give food to a stray dog before giving it to a homeless person? Those kinds of questions.

However, once the preliminary questions were answered, the next set of questions got more serious.

She carried on answering the questions honestly, with her family and husband supporting her from the sidelines.


After being asked if she had ever taken off her wedding ring to look like she was single, Lauren said ‘yes’.  She then admitted to something no one was expecting.




She admitted that she may have been in love with a former boyfriend when she married her husband.



When asked if she had had intimate relations with anyone other than her husband since she had been married, she replied yes.



All of the answers revealed to be true, well, until the final question.

Lauren was asked if she thought she was a good person.


She answered yes. But because of her previous answer, it was determined to be false. Which meant she lost the game and went home with no money.




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