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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Only 37% Of The Population Can Solve This Brain Teaser. Can You?

Brain teasers and puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp and challenging yourself. The more brain teasers and puzzles you do, the faster your brain will be to respond to certain problems. Also, it also helps to decrease the mental age of your brain.

Who wouldn’t want that?

However, not that many people take part in puzzles and brain teasers these days. This means that only 37% of people who took part in this puzzle have figured out this puzzle on the first try.

It’s a real mind-bender, and it had me struggling to answer it for quite a while.

Check out the puzzle below!


This puzzle starts out with three boxes and three statements.

A car is inside one of the boxes, but only one box is telling the truth about the location of the car.


To solve the riddle you simply have to use the information given to you by each box.


It seems like you don’t have enough clues, but just double check the information.


The car couldn’t be in box one.

If that were the case, the statements from box one and box three would be true, but according to the rules, only one of the statements is true.


Now, if the car were in box three, then that would make the statements for both box two and box three true.


That just leaves box two! The only true statement is below box three, which says that the car isn’t in the first box.

Did you manage to get your head around that all, I know I struggled to figure the puzzle out a few times! But once you’ve understood the question it makes perfect sense, right?

Did you figure this brain teaser out on your own, or did you have to read the answer?

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