After Hiding Her Face For 7 Years, She Wipes Off Her Makeup In Front Of The Cameras •
Wednesday , March 29 2017
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After Hiding Her Face For 7 Years, She Wipes Off Her Makeup In Front Of The Cameras

Over the centuries, societies beauty standards have changed. Well, all except one thing. Being different isn’t beautiful. Whether you’re too fat, too skinny, a different race, if you’re different it’s very difficult to meet beauty standards.

But, what the media doesn’t tell us, or at least not loud enough to hear, is that beauty isn’t a certain shape or size. Beauty is universal. Everyone possess it but in different ways.

A new show has just hit the TLC: UK channel called ‘Too Ugly For Love?’


While the name suggests something harsh and uninviting, the truth behind the show is more admirable than you may originally think.

The show focuses on a group of individuals who decided to allow cameras follow them around as they attempt to find love.

Although they’re not ugly, they are very different individuals. They all have hidden body or appearance secrets that they’re trying to accept. Which means that they’re also looking out for someone else who will accept their differences and still love them just as they are.

Unfortunately, what you look like can influence first impressions, and it can also play a big part when dating.


Mariah is one of the amazing and inspirational people who have decided to let cameras into her life as she searches for a possible partner.

Mariah is 19-year-old and she has something called vitiligo. It’s a very rare condition.  White patches appear on various parts of your skin. It happens because there’s a lack of melanin, also known as pigments.

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell when you first looked at Mariah, when she takes her makeup off, you can see the full extent of her rare condition.



You can just imagine the amount of courage she had to have to be able to do something like that in front of cameras.

She’s sharing a truly vulnerable moment with the world.


Taking off your makeup in front of people, let alone in front of a camera, is hard enough, so you can imagine how difficult it would be for us to do the same if we suffered from vitiligo.

While Mariah deserves to find love, and someone who can see her true beauty, Mariah also deserves to feel proud, as she’s become a role model.


She’s become a role model for people with the same condition, or people who struggle to show others their real shelves.

Just imagine all the people she can help.

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