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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Clumsy Kate, Why Does She Always Have A Plaster On Her Hands?

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is synonymous with grace and elegance. She’s always dressed like royalty, and she’s always stylish. Many women would give anything to look and dress like the Duchess.


She is the 21st century’s ideal of elegance with her constantly impeccable outfits and manicured nails.

But as well as being elegant Kate, she’s also getting a reputation for being clumsy. But why?

It appears that the beloved Duchess of Cambridge is prone to the odd cut and scratch like the rest of us. She’s often seen sporting a plaster on her hand while out at public appearances.


While she still looks as a faultless image of grace and style, we’re often left wondering what keeps happening to Kate’s hand.

Whether she is at the Christmas morning service or attending a charity event, the Duchess is often seen wearing an unsightly plaster somewhere on her hand, usually, wrapped around one of her fingers or thumbs.


There was once speculation about the reason behind on of the plasters. People wondered if it was caused by a certain celebrity cat. A plaster was spotted on Kate’s hand the day after she met Bob, the feline star of A Street Cat Named Bob.

However, the royal staff is remaining tight-lipped on whether the plaster was due to her encounter with the feline superstar.

However, throughout the years, the Duchess has been spotted wearing plasters on various spots on both hands on many occasions over the years.



The plasters have been appearing on her hands as far back as 2008 when a plaster was spotted on her right thumb, She was pictured leaving the exclusive Bouji nightclub in London.


And most recently she had a nude colored plaster around the tip of her left thumb at the Christmas Day service.

In November Kate was spotted with a large plaster across her left hand while visiting a women’s center in Gloucester.


But, just weeks later she was seen with another plaster, but this time in a different place at a children’s tea party at the Natural History Museum.


And another plaster was once again at a coffee morning in Kensington in January 2015.




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