This horrible scene took place in the United States where a man saw a passenger from the car in front throw something big out of the window.

The object in question was actually a poor, long-haired dog.

Humans can be so cruel… and after a few somersaults, the dog finally stopped on the road.

Fortunately for the animal, the man who witnessed the scene stopped his vehicle in order to save the dog from certain death.

The dog was still in critical condition, so it was no surprise that the next destination was the veterinarian where he could be cared for.

He Sees A Passenger Throw Something Out Of The Car Window. What He Discovers Afterwards Is Horrifying. - 1

Six weeks later, the dog has completely recovered from his many injuries. His body is no longer broken, but the same cannot be said of his trust in human beings.

This episode will have demonstrated to him that humans are capable of the best and the worst, and for this reason, the animal was afraid to come back in contact with humans again.

The dog is now waiting patiently for a new family to give him a second chance and he will not be treated as badly as his former owners.