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Thursday , March 30 2017
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12 Strange Things That Can Happen to Your Eyes


Our senses are what help us navigate and interact with the world around us. They help us process the sensory information from our environment.

The 5 senses are:

  • Smell.
  • Touch.
  • Sight.
  • Taste.
  • Hearing.

And since we constantly using our senses, we tend to take them for granted. You don’t realize how much you rely on a sense until something happens to it.

Sight is arguably one of the most important senses, but our eyes hold a treasure trove of problems that are just waiting to happen. Here are the strangest things that can happen to your eyes, medically speaking.

1/ Eye cancer – eye tumours exist in many forms. Tumours can develop anywhere on the eye and the most common kind are called limbal dermoids. Most of these tumours are benign, but they can have some unusual characteristics such as hair growth.

2/ Star in the eye – Another name for cataracts. When people have cataracts in their eye, they look like they have a ‘star in the eye.’ They are common enough, especially as people get older, but some people develop them from unusual situations. An electrician in Florida came into contact with 14 thousand volts of electricity and it travelled through his body and his optic nerve, which caused him to develop cataracts that looked strikingly like stars. He got surgery to remove them, but his vision was still damaged.

3/ Tooth in the eye- People can have a tooth in their eye, for very different reasons. These are two cases of people having teeth in their eye, one from a tumour and another placed in a patients eye by a doctor. A girl in India, Nagabhushanam Siva, was born with a tumour in her eye that had been growing for years. When they took out the tumour, it had two teeth in it. Because of the kind of tumour that it was, it could develop into any kind of tissue so it grew teeth. Likewise, Martin Jones had been blind for a decade after a work accident, and was able to see again after doctors tried a groundbreaking new procedure. The procedure consisted of taking out one of his front teeth and placing it into his eye to act as a lens holder




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