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Woman Turns Husband Into Dog Food, Feeds Him To Dog – And That’s Not The Worst Part


A 46-year-old woman appeared in court April 4 after allegedly killing her 66-year-old husband April 1.

Authorities say Svetlana Batukova murdered Horst Hans Henkels at their home on the Spanish island of Majorca, according to The Frisky.


Batukova is accused of stabbing Henkels several times with a kitchen knife, before feeding strips of his flesh to her pet Staffordshire bull terrier.

When police arrived, they found Batukova next to the corpse, and she was said to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


Henkels’ arms were reportedly cut down to the bone, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reports.


Henkels, a German national, had recently undergone an operation on his windpipe and was hardly able to speak when the attack occurred.


This came after Batukova reportedly offered a man around $56,000 to murder her husband, according to the Daily Mail.


There was no sign that Henkels resisted the attack, leading investigators to suspect that he was drugged first.


A post-mortem on his body revealed that he bled to death on the kitchen floor.


Batukova admitted to being a cocaine addict.

She spent the days before her court appearance in a psychiatric ward receiving treatment for a suspected psychotic episode.


The couple got married in January after living together for a couple of years. But reports say Batukova and Henkels frequently argued, resulting in police visits on several occasions.


Batukova spent most of the day in court April 4, and was escorted away to jail around 5:30 p.m.


Bail was denied and she is to be remanded in custody until her murder trial begins.








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