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Stepdad Notices Toddler’s Face Begins Drooping Downward, But Doctors Refuse To Touch Her

Sarah Atwell was just an innocent little baby when her family began to notice that her face was beginning to look a little different.

Eventually, her family agreed that something just wasn’t quite right, their daughters face was changing in unusual ways. Upon further investigating her situation they discovered she had neurofibromatosis.

Neurofibromatosis is a rare congenital condition that caused a massive tumor to develop over the right half Sarah’s face. Over the years as it grew it got worse and caused her face to droop downwards.

The issues the condition posed to Sarah’s life were mainly cosmetic, but no doctor’s were willing to perform any risky surgery. Sarah was devastated to learn she would be forced to grow older with the large tumor.


Growing up with this burden on her shoulders Sarah was bullied from being a child because she was different. She was teased and called all sorts of horrible names.

It got so bad that Sarah decided to isolate herself and avoided social situations.

But it was at the age of 17 that Sarah decided enough was enough and she took a stand against the bullies and spoke out.

She posted a powerful viral video online and shared her story via handwritten cue cards.

It went viral immediately and not only did it spark a spur of love and support, but a doctor  came forward and agreed to help. Sarah has finally begun the process of removing her facial tumor.

Watch the video on Sarah’s story below:

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