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Tuesday , February 21 2017
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Mother Gets A Tattoo To Match Her Daughter’s Skin Condition So She Doesn’t Feel So Alone


As mothers, most of us would do anything to help ensure our child was happy. It is in our nature. We would go to the ends of the earth to protect them.

But what happens when the problem is out of your hands and it can’t be solved with a big hug and plaster?

What do you do then?

This mom has a daughter with a rare skin condition, and the only thing she could do was make her feel as if she wasn’t alone. So she went above and beyond to get a tattoo imitating her affliction.


Kory Poxton, 25, from Sprotbrough, South Yorkshire, got her thigh inked to match the pattern of her daughter’s skin.
screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-41-28Her daughter Tarly, aged six, has Netherton syndrome, which causes chronic skin blistering and itchy and flaky skin.

As Tarly got older she started to ask her mom why her skin looks the way it does.

That’s when her mother got a pink heart tattoo that looks exactly like her daughter’s skin does.

She hoped that the gesture would make Tarly feel less alone and boost her mood.

Kory said: ‘When Tarly has a flare-up, she gets really upset and asks me “Why have I got to have this skin? Why have you not got it? Why has my sister Pearl not got it?”



‘I couldn’t really answer her so I told her “Do you know what? Mummy can have your skin but it won’t be real”.

‘I contacted a couple of tattooists and got a heart-shaped tattoo on the top of my thigh. It is pink and looks just like her skin and it says “little me” underneath.


‘Tarly loves it and she’s told absolutely everyone about it, saying that it is just like her skin but pretend’.

Tarlys condition is very rare only one in 200,000 children have it. It has to be moisturized six times a day and she must be covered when in the sun.

Kory continued: ‘It was painful when I got the tattoo done and that reminded what Tarly goes through every day.

‘When I’ve have shown people what I have done, I’ve had such lovely responses and it’s made me realise what it meant to Tarly.’

Paul Whitehouse, chairman of the Icthyosis Support Group (ISG) said: ‘Kory’s tattoo gesture in support of her daughter Tarly is a fantastic way of sharing the burden of the condition.’

‘This is certainly an unusual gesture but one that appears to be reducing the impact the condition has on Tarly.’

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