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Tuesday , February 21 2017
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Here Are 11 People Who Might Have Actual Superpowers

You may think superpowers are just for superheroes in comic books, but that’s not entirely true. These 11 people are displaying some pretty convincing signs that they have super powers and when you see what they can do, you’ll be trying to give it a go yourself.

Get ready for a giggle!

He’s nearsighted. It’s kind of  like having super vision, but the objects need to be really close to your face…


All images sourced from Boredom Therapy

She’s inflating her throat like a frog! RIBBET!


What? Why? How?



He’s a master of magnetism….


He has the amazing ability to control traffic!


This guy can stretch just like Stretch Armstrong! He’s elastic!


To be able to park like that, you definitely have to be some sort of superhero… or, you know, a jerk.



Try and break those – he’s unbreakable!


Benedict Cumberbatch in the background is clearly just as intrigued as we are.


This is one handy super power…


Bore off, Superman! You may have flight, ice breath, heat vision, X-ray vision, super strength, super hearing, and super speed, but this woman can touch her nose with her tongue! You are no match for her!



What an amazing display of superhuman abilities. Forget=the X-Men, and the Suicide Squad — these are in a justice league all of their own!

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