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Little Girl Is Abducted From Her Front Lawn. Then Two Mysterious Boys Ride Past & Mom Realizes

You probably think your child is safe playing in the neighbourhood by the front lawn with their friends. You can see them clearly and know they are safe. But what happens if you take your eye off them for just a second? Then they have gone. Fear, panic and terror sets in and suddenly you fear the worst.



This is exactly what when a little girl, Jocelyn Rojas, was outside playing and when her mom went to check on her. Her mom immediately called her name, but there was no answer and she was nowhere to be seen.

 On the lawn was the purse she had been playing with, but her daughter was gone. Her mother immediately called the police and they responded within minutes, but for the worried mom it felt like a lifetime.


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How could she have let that happen? The mom was heartbroken and terrified that her daughter had been abducted by kidnappers.

The police arrived and the search began. But this time, the entire neighborhood were also out to try to locate the little girl. The community came together and was determined to find little Jocelyn and return her safely to her family.


A teenage boy named Temar Boggs was out on his bike with his friend, they were trying to help find the missing girl, too.

That’s when they saw Jocelyn. As they rode past a maroon car, they looked in the window and the little girl was inside.

The two boys were so brave and heroic that day. They immediately jumped into action and followed the vehicle, refusing  to let Jocelyn out of their sights.

The driver realized he was being followed, and as he panicked, he let the little girl out of the car. Jocelyn then ran to Temar and asked for her Mommy.




These boys were true superheroes. If it weren’t for them, the situation could have been much worse.

In the clip below Jocelyn’s mom cries as she hugs the boys who saved her daughter. It really is an emotional moment.

Watch the clip below to see more…



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