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Monday , March 27 2017
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Mom Finds Fingernails Growing In Daughters Head, Then They See Her Face…

When a college students asthma attack left her curled on the floor, breathless, she never expected the strange set of symptoms to follow.

Shayna had always suffered from asthma and was used to the attacks, sometimes they were bad, but this time it was different.

Days after the attack, Shayna developed some very unusual symptoms. She noticed a strange rash on her leg, that looked like burns. “I looked like I had been in a fire” she said.



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Despite going to the hospital and being given medication, nothing was clearing the frightening rash.


Things took a horrifying turn for the worst, and soon the rash wasn’t the only symptom Shayna had to deal with.



Shayna’s mom said when she was washing her hair, she noticed it was coming out in large clumps.


But that’s not all her mom noticed. She said “There were white stumps growing from her scalp, it felt kind of like a cactus.”

The sharp growths on her head her terrifying and Shayna was hysterical; she had no idea what was going on.


Her mom said: ” I have never, ever seen anything like that before”

Doctors were baffled, too. They said if they have never seen anything like it before, they don’t know how to treat it .


After more than a year without a diagnosis and the condition only getting worse, Shayna was in despair.


” I don’t want to die” she screams in the clip below. She had reached breaking point and was terrified for her life.

After a year and a half, a family member sent her in the direction of a ‘medical mystery team. They  worked like a crime investigation squad to work out what was going on.

The team found that Shayna had an abnormal amount of keratin in her body; keratin is what our hair, skin and nails need to grow.


The abnormal growths on her face and head were actually fingernails and this was an incredibly rare condition that baffled even the medical mystery team.

You must watch the clip below to find out more about this rare condition:

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