Cruel Students Bully Their Elderly Bus Monitor Until She Cries — Then Get What They Deserve •
Saturday , December 10 2016
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Cruel Students Bully Their Elderly Bus Monitor Until She Cries — Then Get What They Deserve

Kids can be cruel, and sometimes no matter how hard we try as parents to give them a proper upbringing, we can’t control what comes out of their mouths. In June 2012, four seventh-graders from Greece Athena Middle School in New York filmed themselves verbally assaulting their bus monitor…and it’s horrifying.

68-year-old Karen Klein is a kind, caring lady who worked for the school district for 23 years. She calls the experience “one of the worst acts of human behavior that I have ever had to endure.”

The videos the kids made went onto social media and the male students can be heard abusing Karen, calling her  “fat-a**” and saying her family “all killed themselves, because they didn’t want to be near you.”

They don’t stop there however, oh no. The brutal bullies proceed to lay into Karen’s appearance, age and clothing,  threaten her and grab her as she breaks down in a fit of tears.

These kids knew nothing about Karen and the heartbreak behind what she was feeling.

Karen’s husband passed away and her son committed suicide 10 years earlier. These brutal remarks were opening a lot of wounds for Karen and making her feel worthless.

But the videos sparked outrage around the world, and viewers sought justice for Karen.


One person in Toronto who had been bullied as a child saw the videos and knew he had to stand up for her.

What he did for Karen will leave you speechless….

Karen has been a widow since 1995. As she lives alone, every day is a struggle as she is also partly deaf and uses a hearing aid.

As a bus monitor, Karen looked after the children’s safety on the school bus and ensured students were well-behaved.


When the attack occurred, Karen tried to ignore it at first— but the students saw her crying, it only provoked the abuse and they said it was because she missed her box of Twinkies.

They repeatedly called her a “fat-ass,” touched her, and threatened to egg her house, urinate on her door, and even physically harm her.


Acts of kindness poured in as people watched the videos in horror, and that’s where Karen’s story takes a heartwarming turn.

Max Sidorov, a Ukrainian immigrant living in Toronto, heard about Karen’s story and felt such an impact that he started an online campaign to help give her a much needed vacation. People were keen to help the poor lady and together they raised over $650,000!

School officials and local police launched an investigation before revealing the bullies’ identities to the public. Karen, however, decided not to press charges.

The Greece Central School District suspended the bullies from school for one full academic year. Each student was required to complete 50 hours of community service and complete a program in bullying prevention.

Meanwhile, Karen used her sudden fame to advocate for anti-bullying and take her vacation of course!


Max from Toronto who set up the campaign said Karen’s story touched him so much because he was a victim of bullying as a child and he knows how much it hurts.

On July 27, 2012, Karen retired as a bus monitor.

She put her earnings to good use and established the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.

Thank God Karen got the justice she so deserved. Please SHARE Karen’s story




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