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Tuesday , February 21 2017
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Bermuda Triangle: Do These Strange Clouds Solve The Mystery?

The deadly Bermuda Triangle has claimed the lives of at least 75 plans and hundreds of ships.

But FINALLY the mystery may have been finally cracked.

The 500,000km square stretch in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for the vanishing of ships and aircrafts for centuries.

However, scientists are now convinced they have discovered the truth behind the triangles deadly secret.

The answer?

Hexagonal clouds that create terrifying 170mph winds air bombs.

They believe that these fatal blasts of air can tear down trees, flip ships, and send planes crashing down into the depths of the ocean.



Upon further investigating they found that the clouds appeared over the western tip of the Bermuda Island – ranging from 20 to 55 miles across.

Dr Steve Miller, satellite meteorologist at Colorado State University told Science Channel’sWhat on Earth: “You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds.

“Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.”

They then used radar satellites to measure what was happening beneath the clouds, they found that sea level winds were reaching almost 170mph.

That’s pretty quick.


These winds were do powerful they were capable of generating “air bombs”.

Meteorologist Randy Cerveny added: “These types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs.

“They are formed by what are called microbursts and they’re blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other.”



Perhaps maybe one of the most famous disappearances over the triangle was 1945.

Flight 19 vanished when five torpedo bombers lost contact during a US Navy training flight.

Every single member of crew was lost, as were the 13 members of a flying boat sent out to search for them.


Above: Portrait of legendary Lost Squadron and plane “Flight 19” that supposedly vanished into Bermuda Triangle shortly after WWII.


There have been many sad disappearances, and we hope now they think they have discovered the problem no one else will have to lose their life.


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