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Monday , March 27 2017
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Solution For Removing Acne On The Neckline

The causes of small acne appearing in the area of the neck may be different, such as sweating, allergic reactions of certain skin cream or a certain detergent for washing clothes, stress and others.

Acne on the neckline should be treated similarly to those appearing on the face.

1. Cleaning

Treat the neckline area with acne removal lotion. Apply it on the neck and well clean the neckline in the morning and evening.

2. Be careful

While treating the neckline with acne remove lotion do not apply perfume on the neckline.

3. Natural materials

Avoid awhile polyester shirts. Instead wear shirts made only from natural materials so the skin can breathe.

4. Pay attention to what you eat and water intake

If you eat unhealthy, first try to clean the skin from the inside. Change your diet and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Dispose sweets and junk food and do not forget to enter more fluid.

5. Keep your hands away from the neckline

Do not touch the neckline, nor squeeze any acne. If doing so, you will only worsened the situation and will cause the formation of new acne.




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