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How To Improve Blood Circulation During Winter Months?

Even though cold hands and feet draw attention to circulation problems, this disorder can show other symptoms as annoying pain that causes calves’ cramps after a long walk and disappears after a good rest, tingling in the feet and toes, pale purple or blue skin. Less hairiness on the legs and reduced sweating of the feet may appear, because the impaired blood circulation affects the work of the sweat glands, and often skin lesions occur, as well as infections that do not pass and sores that do not heal.

Winter may further increase difficulties of the abovementioned problems. This is why people who have circulatory problems are advised to stop smoking, if they smoke and regular exercise (at least half an hour a day).

Those who suffer from diabetes must adhere to therapy, cholesterol and fat in the blood should be maintained in normal range and besides proper diet, use of supplements that promote circulation are also recommended.


In order for the blood to circulate normally, it is necessary to drink enough water. If you do not have enough liquids in the body, the blood pressure will drop and thus circulation becomes slower. For maintaining normal circulation you should drink around half a liter of water a day, or 30 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight. You should also often have to consume hot drinks, but avoid those with caffeine.

2.Clothing and footwear

Clothing should always be comfortable in order to ensure the normal blood circulation. Also, it is important to regularly maintain the heat on the feet.


Do whirlpool exercises, and it is recommended to prepare two baths, hot and cold and to alternatively immerse feet in one and then in the other. This method effectively affects blood circulation.


Some ingredients positively affect the vitality of the blood vessels. Above all, it is garlic, which lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and regulates blood pressure. Also, fruits rich in vitamin C, pumpkin seeds that are rich in vitamin E, nuts (rich in niacin and vitamin B3), pepper, cumin cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, figs, oranges, beets, artichokes, sunflower sunflowers are great allies for maintaining and improving normal circulation.

5.Hot peppers

This ingredient improves the blood flow in the capillaries. Note: people who have broken capillaries must not consume hot peppers.

6.Healing herbs

Ginkgo Biloba improves blood circulation in the capillaries, especially those in the brain, so it is recommended as a mean of improving memory. Other herbs that can help you with this problem are the horse chestnut, eucalyptus oil, white hawthorn.

7.Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals very positively influence the blood circulation, and it is best to take vitamin B5 (niacin) in combination with B. Vitamin E strengthens blood vessels. Also, when it comes to minerals, you should enter calcium and magnesium in your organism.


For improved blood circulation and fighting against cramps you should have a handful of nettle root and two handfuls of nettle leaves. Soak the ingredients in 5 liters of water and let them stand still throughout the night. Cook the mixture in the morning and then leave them standing still for half an hour. Strain the tea and transfer it in a container in which you will need to soak your feet. Let your feet soak in the hot tea for about half an hour.

9.Horse chestnut tea

It is recommended for improving blood circulation. Crush 10 grams of horse chestnut and pour 1 liter of water over it. Heat the mixture over low heat, and when it starts boiling you should cook for another 5 minutes, before you remove from the pot from the hotplate. Strain the resulting beverage and drink a cup of it 3 times throughout the day.

10.Cornsilk tea

Add one teaspoon of dried corn silk in 300 ml of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes over low heat. Remove the mixture from the fire, cover the bowl you are using and once it cools strain the beverage. Drink one cup of this tea (unsweetened) three times daily.





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