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Saturday , February 25 2017
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Hoax or Real: Mans Entire Body Flooded With Worms After Eating Sushi


Western media kicked up one story recently about one guy that got infected from eating raw fish and published it, so people saw x- ray images of the guy’s body riddled in tapeworms all around the world.

Believe it or not the story was one big mess and it actually was a HOAX story. The images actually were showing the look of parasitic tapeworm infection after eating pork, not raw fish.

The article actually said: “People probably love eating sushi or spicy tuna rolls but that love towards this delicacy sometimes can lead to fatal side effects as flooded body with parasitic tape worms. The guy actually went to see doctor for his skin problems but in the end the scan showed infection that was already spread to his whole body. This kind of worms are called Diphyllobithrium and they usually occurs after consuming raw or undercooked fish. Diarrhea, weakness and weight loss are the first symptoms. And in some cases the worms actually reach even the brain. They even can be undetected for several months. Indeed studies have proven that the consummation of raw or undercooked fish can always cause some kind of parasitic infections.

Also you should be careful while eating marinated or smoked fish. The treatment for cure for children and adults actually has one dose of Praziquantel, 5-10mg/kg PO. The weird fact is that FDA has not approved yes the use of Praziquantel and even most weird is that the second option, the Niclosamide is not available for use in the USA. There is third option of course for passing the worm and it is the Gastrografin who also allows visualization of the parasite.

Source: organichealth.co
Reference: healthyfoodhouse.com
Explanation for the hoax article: www.snopes.com



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