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Saturday , February 25 2017
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Here What This Sign On The Ear Means!

Diagonal wrinkle on the ear fringes can signify the early stages of heart problems. This sign is called Frank’s sign and it is a type of dermatological marker named after T. Sanders.

Dr. Frank was the first who has been observing and presenting thesis about a possible connection with the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, back in 1973. Based on the trading of his remarks, over 40 studies has been done on showing that this is possible indicator of heart disease and diseases associated with blood vessels.

A study on 60 people who were divided into two groups has been conducted:

  • First patient group, group A, has Frank’s sign,
  • The second patient group, group B, did not have this sign.

The study’s results showed that 73% of respondents of the group A had an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease. In addition, only 30% of patients from the B group have an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease.

The researchers concluded that the results show a statistically significant correlation between the sign of Frank and the potential risk of cerebrovascular disease or stroke and brain disorder associated with diseases of the blood vessels.




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