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Monday , March 27 2017
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Helicon Bacteria In The Stomach: How To Heal It!

Helicon bacteria is one of the most common causes of upper diseases that are hitting the digestive system. 50% of world population is infected with Helicobacter.

Helicobacter pylori infection attacks the lining of the stomach because its acidic environment fits her and conditions for living over there are perfect. The symptoms of development are not the same in each infected being and that is usually caused by many different immune systems. The bacteria can persist in the body for decades.

Helicon bacteria is easily transferable. Its form is like comma with 4-6 tentacles on the end so it makes it easy to move. Belongs to gram- negative bacteria. It can also be found in the plaque of your teeth, sore and oral cavity. Same as all other bacteria it can be easily transmitted through the lack of hygiene. That is way 80% of infected people come from poor and underdeveloped countries. Many people are getting it while they are children but as I said before there are no particular symptoms. Possible causes of getting it are contaminated water, dirty hands and “mouth to mouth” act. While some patients do not have any kind symptoms other do have body changes as insomnia, fatigue, skin changes, lost appetite and severe pain.

What are the consequences that this bacteria is causing?

The bacteria was discovered in 1982 by two Nobel Laureates, Dr. Berry Marshall and Dr. Robyn Warren. Helicobacter causes inflammation on the digestive system, malignant illnesses and sometimes leads even to cancer.

Test for Helicobacter presence

There are several ways of diagnosing this bacteria. Tests can be non- invasive and invasive. It can be discovered by the antigen in the scum and respiratory tests, biopsy or endoscopic examinations, acids in bacteria and many others. All tests indeed have a high percentage of accuracy but neither one of them is absolutely correct. Before testing, drug treatments should be stopped immediately. Best results are following the respiratory one.


Medical therapy for this infection usually lasts 7-14 days. It is one daily treatment with standard triple therapy (two different antibiotics, machine who is reducing acid from the stomach (proton pump inhibitor)). With the start of this therapy you’ll start making changes in your daily consumed food. You will eat healthier and several times daily in small amounts. Spicy food needs to be cut off instantly. 50% of the patients who are threat with the therapy have negative side effects but they are easy to pass. Metallic taste in mouth, disturbance in the work of intestines, cramps in the stomach and diarrhea are few of them. If the patient eventually consumes alcohol, strong headaches, sweating, throwing up and accelerated pulse follows. Took in consideration that 20% of already threat people end up unhealed so the therapy continues with changing methods. The therapy is successful if the test shows negativity for helicobacter 4 weeks after ending it.

For the record, future development for sucsessful treatment of the bacteria is focused on producing healthier and proper food. Also they are working on vaccine against it.


One of the key factor for successful treatment of the bacteria is proper food. Mixed with the standard therapy great results are following. Avoid gluten, pasta, biscuits or actually avoid foods that contain gluten. Caffeine, alcohol, processed meat, sugar fizzy drinks, salt are also unwanted to consume. Eat foods rich in vegetable fiber as vegetables, fruit and fish.

Natural cure exist of course. Take 1 tablespoon flax seed and 2dl water. Warm the water and put the flax seed inside. Take one tablespoon of the mixture before each meal. It will protect and reduce the pain inside.




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