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Tuesday , February 21 2017
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Diabetes Symptoms Are Often Unseen: Read To Find Out On What You Should Pay Attention!

Diabetes is one disease in which the symptoms are often unseen or there is no any kind of symptoms at all. When the symptoms are starting to show up on the surface it means the disease have gone in advanced faze. Diabetes is a result of brain blood vessels and nerves complications and can quickly lead to serious health problems and sometimes even death. It can be detected by regular examination and be controlled with pills or insulin therapy. If some member from your family already has diabetes, you should be careful and you should often control your blood sugar. If you leave your diabetes untreated, it can cause serious consequences for your health.

If you have any kind of these symptoms you should immediately contact your doctor.

Thirst – The first symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination and constant desire for entering liquids in your body. This appears as a result of excess sugar that accumulates in the blood and the kidneys cannot absorb the glucose so it comes to dehydration, which leads to increasing the need for liquids and later ends with frequent urination.

1.Hunger – Need for hunger is caused as a result of the changes in blood that sugar causes. When the sugar falls we feel hunger and we need glucose as an energy source.

2.Weight loss – Sudden weight loss is also one symptom for diabetes. When the sugar is lost through frequent urination, you lose calories.

3.Fatigue and weakness – Another indicator of diabetes is the sense of fatigue and malaise. Lack of sugar in the blood caused by oscillations in the level of glucose cases lack of energy so you start feeling fatigue and weakness.

4.Blurred vision – The symptoms sometimes are manifested through the vision. The high level of sugar in blood pulls fluid from tissues and the eyes are included. If it is untreated, diabetes can cause permanent visual impairment.


5.Tingling in the extremities – Increased sugar level causes damage to nerves. If you feel tingling and loss of feeling in the arms and legs or painful burning sensation in the hands, legs and feet contact your doctor.

6.Frequent infections – Infections occur frequently if you have diabetes. Woman have often vaginal infections.

7.Skin problems – Dry skin, itching, poor circulation are signs of diabetes. Darker skin on the neck or armpits is also a sign of body’s resistance to insulin.

8.Sensitive palates – Diabetes can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of infections. It can cause inflammation of the gums accompanied by pus especially if you hand a gums infection before the diabetes was developed.

If you notice any of these symptoms of diabetes, contact your doctor and go to test your sugar level in the blood. Diabetes is one disease who can be kept under control.




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