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Saturday , February 25 2017
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Dangerous: 13 Types Of Headache That Will Make You Go To The Doctor Immediately!

Headaches are usually not a sign of serious illness but sometimes there are actually the first, unique leading sing that some serious illness is on the road. It is extremely important to recognize the symptoms and contact your doctor in time. There are more than 200 types of headaches but if you have 1 of these 12, consult doctor ASAP.


  1. You are healthy and suddenly you have severe headache – well this can be a sign of spontaneous bleeding inside the skull due to cracking of the aneurysm. If the doctor is sure about this it will lead you to emergency room but this procedure is not always followed by surgical treatment.
  2. Headache that you feel for the first time in your life – each new headache who is not experienced before requires consultation with doctor. This applies to those who origin cannot be explained and who cause fatigue, stress and similar. The doctor should assess your headaches and decide for your further examinations and treatments.
  3. Headache which varies in intensity – any changes to the headache that people do recognize, requires certain precautions. Changing the basic features of a headache can be caused by serious illness such as bleeding inside the skull or brain tumor.
  4. Headache causing saving speech, difficulty moving the hands or feet, disordered balance, poor vision or memory loss – these all features combined with a headache clearly indicate brain damage. The most common consequence of a tumor, bleeding or infarction.
  5. Headache accompanied by fever – You have nausea and vomiting? This is the most common sign of meningitis. Visit a doctor.
  6. Headache which is grows stronger into 24 hours period – virtually every headache regardless of the initial strength, over time weaknesses or strengths. If your increases in time you need to seek medical attention.
  7. Headache occurring after head injury – after a head injury headache is relatively common condition that often is not associated with serious brain damage. But if it is, when the head is damaged you will have brain contusion and skull bleeding. Headache can be only the first sign that something is wrong.
  8. Expressed strong headache in the eye or around it + redness of it – this is a sign of vascular malformation such as aneurysms of the carotid artery who feeds the brain. Therefore medical examination is recommended.
  9. Headache that appears for the first time after the 50th year of life – any headache that appears after this age requires a special commitment because there is high risk that it is caused by disease such as bleeding in the brain, stroke and cancer.
  10. Headache that occurs in people who suffer from cancer – in every situation headache always indicate suspicion of metastases in the brain. Therefore you are obliged to see the doctor.
  11. Headache who lasts more than 72 hours – some headaches as migraines last up to 72 hours and rarely sometimes even longer. However any continuous, prolonged headache always requires extra caution because it can be symptom of very serious illness.
  12. Headache in the morning – strong morning headache, especially accompanied by increased sickness and nausea may indicate an increased push in the head as tumor or other brain diseases.
  13. Frequent headaches, which can be controlled with common painkillers – this is the most common sign of some serious disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will determine what kind of disease is it and appropriate treat for it.




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