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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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You Will Never Ever Filtrate Pasta In Your Sink After You Watch This Video!

If you love pasta then you are reading the right article.

I am sure that if you go into any home in the U.S you will find a pack of pasta just waiting to be cooked.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I would like to ask you a few questions.

  1. Do you take your pasta straight from your pot and onto your plate and then put your sauce right on top of it?
  2. Do you let your pasta cook properly before your sauce is ready and then strain your pasta water?
  3. Do you leave your pasta in a plate to cool while you make your sauce?

If your answer to all these questions is YES then you are doing it WRONG!

Pasta is great for you!

Pasta is made from durum wheat and it is a daily meal for most homes.

It is easy to prepare – or is it? And it doesn’t require too much of your time and effort.

In just about 15 minutes your pasta should be ready to eat.

Now back to the questions asked earlier.

The proper way to cook pasta:

    • If you take your pasta directly from the pot and straight to your plate, you are going to carry some volume of water along with your pasta and it would look like ‘pasta soup’ eventually once your sauce is on top of it.
    • Also you won’t get to enjoy the taste of your sauce and pasta as they would look like two separate meals.
    • You don’t have to pour all your pasta water down the drain anymore. When your pasta is slightly cooked put it in a sieve to strain the water from it. Then put the pasta in your sauce that is on the stove and let the sauce get into the pasta, turn the pasta gently and ensure it is cooking on low heat.
    • Take water from the pasta water and add to the sauce and keep stirring the pasta and sauce.
    • The reason why you do not allow your pasta to cool in a plate and prepare your sauce separately is to ensure that it doesn’t get sticky and mushy when it cools. You want your pasta to have some ‘integrity’ and be easy to pick with your fork.
    • You can add some cheese be grating it into the pasta also add some olive oil (virgin).
    • Keep stirring your pasta until all your ingredients have been properly cooked and your pasta looks rich and tasty.
    • You can now serve it and enjoy your meal.

Just remember!

Remember don’t let your pasta cook completely before incorporating it into your sauce as you don’t want pasta that is mushy.

Take it out of the pot and on to a sieve to strain water from it. Do not leave on a plate to cool but rather put the pasta straight into your pot of sauce and gently stir on low heat.

Be creative and add whatever you like really, add olive oil and grate some cheese.

Have fun while you are at it!




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