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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Read Why You Should Immediately Stop Using Antibacterial Fluids!


The antibacterial liquid for disinfection of hands is widely available. Many people often carry this bottle with themselves. You probably consider this as good product for your health and after seeing “harmless for humans, death for bacteria” on the label, you think that your problem is solved.

Read in the sequel why we should stop using this liquid for disinfection:

Products for disinfection mainly contain alcohol which is known for capacity of drying. Alcohol, increases the capacity of absorption of the skin and also allows penetration of the chemicals inside the skin. Some antibacterial liquids contain glycerin which can also be irritable for the skin. In addition, compounds like acetate and glycol can additionally damage the skin. Also it can create a resistant bacteria.

Although resilience may sound frightening, it is not safe. For example, excessive use of antibiotics can lead to developing bacteria which will be resistant to various elements. In other words the bacteria have the ability to develop and to be different and we are exposed to certain bacteria which can be found in the same elements. At the same time, enormous is the probability that this element has smaller force.

Contains an unknown and potentially dangerous chemicals

As it is stated, these antibacterial gels or liquids mainly contain alcohol or triclosan, but there are other chemicals that are involved in the product. Many of the flavored antibacterial liquids use some type of preservative to continue the term of last of the product. But, these preservatives are daily used and they are absorbed into the skin. Odoriferous antibacterial liquids have more preservatives – phthalates and parabens – able to disrupt the production of hormones.

It can increase the absorption of bad chemicals

We already mentioned that they increase the absorption of chemicals in the skin. In addition, the skin becomes sensitive to potential harmful chemicals. One of those chemicals is called Biphenyl A which, might cause damage of the endocrine staff. The studies connect biphenyl A with cancer, infertility, heart diseases and diabetes.

The soap and water act equally

For washing hands, disinfect and cleanse experts recommend using soap and water.




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