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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn YOU Into A TREE When You Die

Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel created an organic biodegradable burial pod or capsule that will serve as a burial chamber for your deceased and also provide vital nutrients for a tree. This idea came about as a result of the need to look for alternative ways of burying our loved ones rather than the traditional ways which involves a coffin and burial site which takes up a lot of space and contributes little or nothing to the environment.


How does it work?

The idea is for the tree to use of the nutrients of the deceased as a means for nourishment and growth. When the body decomposes it will give up its nutrients to the sustenance of the tree under which it is. The body of the deceased is put in the pod in a fetal position and then the pod is buried; after which a tree seed or a young tree is planted just over the pod in order to ensure that it has full access to the decomposing body within the pod for its nutrients.

On a lighter side, you would be allowed to pick the tree you would want your loved one to ‘become’ just in the same way that you get to choose a coffin and burial site.


Is the pod biodegradable?

The environment and the need to rejuvenate it was what spurred these Italian designers on to create this highly environmentally friendly burial pod system.


The pod is made from a starch based plastic material that is not harmful to the environment and is actually totally biodegradable.



This starch based plastic material allows for the natural decomposition of the pod ensuring that the decomposing body’s minerals are well preserved, harnessed and put to use by the plant life. The purpose is to help minimize the green house effects caused by deforestation by giving back to nature and the environment by recreating new forest areas which would also have served ascemeteries of sorts.


Is it in practice today?

Italian law prohibits the use of this form of burial for now and so it is only a concept but one that has been recognized by conservationists and environmental experts as probably the way forward to ensuring that two birds are killed with one stone. On one hand the ever decreasing space for cemeteries and on the other hand, the ever growing need to grow more trees and help preserve nature the best we can by creating a sort of “memory forest.” There are states in the U.S and England where this type of burial is legal and this trend is growing rapidly across the world.


The memorial park of trees if you like will replace the use of coffins and traditional burial sites.Rather than tombstones you would have a tree to tend to and care for.

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