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Friday , January 20 2017
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Important For Read! Nibbling Nails Can Kill You!

To each person, at least once for a moment in life the nibble of nail happened, but some people do it constantly without control.

Nail biting can be declared as one of the most “nervous” habits ever. At many the biting started in childhood but also, half of the teenager become “addicted” in biting nails.

In most cases nail biting is caused by stress, embarrassment, frustration, boredom, etc.

People usually reach for their nails while they watch television, attend a boring lesson, learn, talk on the phone or wait for something.


Biting the nails is one very bad and unhealthy habit. It effects negatively on your health because through the nails there are bacteria who will be transmitted in the mouth and will cause infections and will destroy the front teeth. 

What else can happen if you nibble your nails? In addition we present you one true life story of one 40 year old man. Read!

John Gardener had very bad habit of biting nails. He persistently nibble them despite the warning he received from doctors. This bad habit led to an infection that was very difficult and he end up with heart attack. This man nibbled his nails until the blood was on the surface. Therefore his fingers were ruined and became insensitive to pain. “John’s nails were in very bad condition, they bleed very often when he was here. His habit was “born” by anxiety and it became even worse when he fell in depression.” – Doctors tell.


As a result of the bleeding nails, this man had wounds and the wounds easily received infections. He came to one point of despair where neither antibiotics could help him, so the tips of this fingers were amputated. After amputation he felt good but not for so long. John received heart attack due to his septic infection.

So be careful! If you already have this habit it is time for immediately stop!   




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