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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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If You See Your Children In This Position, Immediately Stop Them!

There are many presumptions about the sitting positions of the children. Some positions are good for some children and do not fit at other. Why is it like this? Do you know that while playing or doing any other activity in sitting positions children does develop the trunk control and rotation?

The most practiced position of sitting while they play is the W position. Many children do practice it and unfortunately this position is not recommended for anyone. This is the position that actually leads to many orthopedic problems in the future. Parents should be aware of this and move their children out of it during it plays.


Have you ever as a parent questioned yourself why your child W-sits? Probably not, well they do W-sit because they do not want to worry about their balance while they are concentrated on their toy and they rely on this position because they manage easier manipulation and play with the toys. Often the trunk rotation and shifts are allowing the child to maintain balance whine is playing or running and they are indeed necessary. They can play and manipulate with the toy at the front but they cannot do trunk rotation and shifts while they W-sit. This position should always be discouraged because it prevents the child developing more mature movement patterns for much better higher levels.

If some of the following exists in children life this position should be always contraindicated.

First of all there are orthopedic concerns. If there is a history of hip dysplasia W-sitting can predispose a child to hip dislocation. Also, if there is a muscle tightness the position will aggravate it. Second, the neurologic concerns are present too. W-sitting can be easily transformed into several abnormal patterns of movement if the child already increased hypertonia and spasticity. If it sits in other postures it will increase the development into more desirable movement patterns. As I said before the trunk rotation is very important and the W-sitting prevents it. So because of this prevention it also can cause discourage from developing a hand preference.


Remember to make several movements and sittings in several positions. Getting in and out of sitting is actually used while you do many of the movement components to try encourage the child.

How you do ask yourself how can you prevent the W-sitting don’t you? Well the easiest way is to prevent it while it is not quite a habit yet. You should stop it before the child even learns that there is the W-sit. That’s why you should spend more time with the child and taught it to alternative positions. Often while you are playing with it, hold its knees and feet together when kneeling or creeping on hands and knees also, encourage it to sit over both right and left sides. It will perfectly fir in child’s therapy achievements.

If you eventually cannot remove it from that position or the child is unable to sit alone in any other position than W position it is time for some therapist advising.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com



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