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Tuesday , January 24 2017
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If You Have These Signs You Are Intoxicated But Not Aware Of It!


Many people are exposed to toxins from mold and they are not aware of it. The mold is quite dangerous and can be considered as threat if you have it anywhere in your home, behind walls, under floors and sometimes even in food.

Mold can enter in our body through breathing, swallowing and can cause a variety of symptoms and many serious diseases. Mold is serious threat to health and sometimes can even end with dead. Often can be main cause of some diseases.

How the mold attacks and affects badly in health?

There are several types of mold who are releasing poison and several invisible chemicals who are known as micotoxins. These kind of toxins are difficult to destroy and impossible to get rid of. The invisible chemicals pollute in space around you, your clothes and furniture. When toxins from mold will penetrate into the body, they will start causing damage to the immune system, nervous system and ankles. The micotoxins can even affect negatively on your thinking, feelings and length of your life. The biggest problem in diagnosing of this chronic intoxication are exactly the symptoms. Often symptoms from this intoxication are confused with other diseases such as Lyme disease, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and etc.

Caused by mold, these health problems appear:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Weight variation
  • Food problems
  • Joint pain
  • Problems with light
  • Mood changes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cognitive problems
  • Inflammatory problems especially in lungs

If your immune system is weak and reduced for longer time you should be careful because the mold can cause serious diseases of the lungs, skin and eyes.

Where lies the mold?

Mold loves moisture, so it can be found the most around water and rooms with bad ventilation. If your roof is leaked or your pipe is broken, mold begins to grow in the walls and cleaning it can be difficult. For total destroying you need to completely scrape the walls and change the pipes or roof. But, the mold can be found on other places who are not wet. It can be developed under carpets, behind furniture, behind the air conditioner or anywhere else where the water traveled. It reproduces on the most humid places but it is not always in that order. There are types of mold that can survive and reproduce in the dried air. This kind of mold can be found in food where it cannot be seen, in nuts, coffee, wheat or wine. That is why you should always check your food before consume, ensure it is properly stored or check the shelf where it stayed. 

Daily we are exposed to various toxic chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. The mold is also part of the toxic load in our bodies.

How to protect ourselves from it?

The most important thing about mold is gathering all the informations that could possibly exist about it. There are even agencies who measure the moisture or potential mold in rooms where you spend the most of your time.




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