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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Hold Tight Your Fist And See What This Says About You!

There is a simple way on which you can be analyzed as a person and that can happen by just holding tight your fist. The way you do this, reveals a lot about your character.

You can check the truth of this simple test, you only need to just to hold tight your fist without much thinking, just like you do that always.

If someone says to you to hold your fist, how you will do that:

If you already done it, look at the answers:


1. You are always helping other people, even when that comes with side effects. You constituently look for new experiences, knowledge and you are always energetic and impatient. People call you adventurous and fearless but like the other you also seek help and protection. Acceptance and recognition have big meaning for you because often you meet with people who abuse your kindness. But, you have big wil and strength which do not allow you to give up on people. You continue to protect the people you take advantage of your kindness but, you should be more careful.


2.You are smart, slightly minded and little bit shy. Many people perceive you as silent and anti- social. You are very pedantic, accurate and you force yourself too much which causes you undue anxiety. You are very clever and intelligent and that upsets you even more so, you try to establish your internal harmony if the people around you are feeling comfortable. Sometimes you are sad because you think that you cannot adapt to the new environment, unlike some people who do that without much effort. If you become little more flexible and friendly, people who were frightened to approach you, will immediately change their minds for you.


3.You are communicative person and you have large circle of friends. Your friends love your wittiness and openness. You have developed sense of self- esteem and you are very confident in yourself. You are excellent leader at work and among friends. But, you are a little unsure in making decisions because you are afraid of failure and that can hurt you. Often you have need of compliments and encouragements. Don’t stop believing in yourself even when no one complements you. It is likely for you to find yourself in environment with people who are jealous of your success.




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