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Wednesday , March 29 2017
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10 Things That Healthy People Make Before Bedtime

Proper sleep is the key to healthy life. Healthy people know that sleep is a vital part of their health and therefore they consider it as a priority in their lives.

There are several tricks that you need to practice before bedtime of course, if you want to wake up relaxed and fit ready for the day that follows. Read the following


  1. Showering – for regulation of sleep the body temperature is very important. Shower before you go to bed. The warm water has a relaxing effect and it will improve the quality of sleep.
  2. Meditation – a few minute meditation will help you to relax your brain. This practice have many positive health impacts and one of them is sleeping. Before going to bed try to tell a few mantras and the benefits will follow the next day.
  3. Run a diary – If you cannot sleep start with writing. The latest researches shows that if you write down about the things that cause you stress you will clear the brain. Also writing can increase the brain capacity. That is why the experts declare that it is a good way in addition of falling faster.
  4. Drinking water – Although many believe that alcohol is the one that helps into falling faster that is a huge lie. The researches shows that the first glass will help you actually to fall asleep but later in the middle of the night it will crush and disturb the sleeping. Instead a glass of wine, drink a glass of water. After this you will wake up rested and hydrated.
  5. Brushing – it is recommended to wash your teeth twice a day. If you do not practice it the dirt and the bacteria will quickly build up and contribute a bad breath. The health of your teeth will be in danger too.
  6. Exercise – exercise is very beneficial for your health because sweating is good before you go to sleep. Also researches shows that it will help you fall asleep easer and the rest will be better at night.
  7. Exemption from modern technology – hold the glaring screens far from your bedroom. It can actually make a mess in your brain and prevent good rest. Studies show that the blue light who radiates from our phones, televisions and laptops can disrupt our sleep cycle.
  8. Eat carefully – Although many say that eating before bed is bad for you, all that is actually important is what you eat, what kind of food. Specifically if you eat one kind of meal before going to bed it can help you regulate blood sugar and help you fall asleep easier. For example eat kiwi. This fruit will help you to have better and peaceful sleep.
  9. Find a suitable place for pets – Experts declare that sleeping with one of your pets can actually disturb the sleeping but the latest research said quite the opposite. Pets can help you to fall asleep easier. But it depends of the way you sleep and what you dream. If you have easy sleep and you wake up easily hold your pets away from your bedroom.
  10. Get in bed in proper time – Experts recommend to sleep seven to nine hours overnight. It is very important when you will lie down. If you want a good night’s rest try to lie down in time to achieve the proper recommended hours for sleep.




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