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Sunday , October 23 2016
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What Happens With The Face After Eating Too Much Sugar?


Sugar is the number one enemy to our health. Besides damaging the health of the oral cavity is one of the biggest causes of obesity. In this article we will focus on the effect of the sugar on your face.

“Sugar face” or skin covered with acne, bags under eyes and pale skin is consequence of consumption foods rich in sugar.

It is a serious problem and unfortunately not much people are talking in public about it. Sweet foods have high glycemic index (GI) and consumption of foods like this result in dramatic changes in the level of insulin. If for a longer period these kind of foods are consumed it may happen insulin resistance, diabetes and the aging process will accelerate.

Sugar prevents binding of collagen and the skin loses its healthy and fresh look, so this is why the aging is coming faster. Also, sugar dehydrates the skin, often fats and it leads to acne. However, if you consume moderate amounts of sugar you will not have any types of health consequences.

30 gr of sugar is recommended for daily use.




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