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Tuesday , January 24 2017
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Study Finds That People Who Post Gym Selfies Have A Psychological Problem


If you are fond of regularly posting your gym selfies on one social media outlet or another like Twitter and Facebook then you just may have a deep psychological problem.

In a study by researchers at Brunel University it was found that people who are fond of showcasing their physical prowess in the gym to a wide audience actually exhibit narcissistic characteristics.

A narcissistic behaviour is a terminology used to describe a psychological disorder in which a person derives satisfaction from self-admiration.

By posting these pictures online with respective comments they get a sense of “ego trip”.

Where they feel good about themselves not minding if they are actually making fools out of themselves in the process.

In the study there were over 500 Facebook users that participated in a survey. The result was that in order to get the attention they so desire, these people with narcissistic tendencies get excited about the number of likes and comments they get after posting a selfie of themselves in a gym.

It was also noted that these people would go as far as posting information on their exercise regime and diet, feeling excited about the likes and comments they get from this.

It was concluded by the researchers that from the survey certain personality characteristics like agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness and extroversion were seen.

The researchers also stated that persons who also made frequent posts about their girlfriends or boyfriends on the various social media outlets had low self-esteem, while people who post information about their children were more conscientious minded.


Study SourceBrunel University



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