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Tuesday , March 28 2017
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This Photo Save Baby’s Life and The Reason Is … Look Closely At This Baby’s Photo

We have heard and seen some photographs that fake to show the presence of a ghost or unwanted blurry things around in a photograph.  Yes, that’s because of a certain photoglare that happens when the image is captured during the night vision mode.

Same happened with this mother when she clicked the image of her son. Well the cameras do not do any magic! But here when a mom clicked the photograph of her son and saw the image, she was totally shocked and surprised. She had seen something really strange in the image that she immediately thought needed an attention from a specialist.

The motherly instincts of the lady were proven right that she thought something was really wrong with her son’s eyes. New parents often panic at every little thing that might go wrong with their new bundle of joy, but parents with older kids know you can’t think too hard about every little thing.

But Julie was not one among them to make a huge panic. She thought that something was not so normal with her son’s eye.


Avery who is 2 year old had an issue with the vision and that came into light when the photo was captured with a slight spec of discoloration. In the photo of her son she saw that one of his pupils came out red, while the other was pure white — something she soon learned meant much more than a bad angle — that she became concerned.

Seeking The Help Of A specialist

Julie immediately brought her toddler to a doctor, who confirmed her worst fear. Avery had multiple cancerous tumors covering his left eye. However, it’s very likely that the photo saved her son’s life, as the cancer could have spread to his brain and blood if it had gone undetected. Thankfully the issue was not spread farther that the boy could have lost his life. Avery was given a prosthetic eye and was tested to see if he was at risk for more cancer.

Julie shared this unique experience with others and started promoting the same on social media like facebook and twitter. This is one great story for the parents who often panic for very simpler things. What if that the mother had not clicked the photo, the cancerous tumour would have gone unattended and the boy would have lost his life by now. The courageous mother is now a great example for parents who should know when and how to react further when they face an issue.

Being a mother can be a hard task, especially if you are a first timer. Most importantly, go with your motherly instincts, even though you may fail at it initially, you’ll definitely get a hand of what’s best for your little one. In case your motherly instincts are not helping in that situation, there are always a daddy’s instincts to back you up. Prepare yourself for all these things beforehand so that you can make the days after delivery, memorable without any worry.

Health issues are always a part of parenting time no matter how much you take care of your child. Parents are always concerned about their children health. Best resources are used to prevent child from any disease. Health issues can be serious or sometime can be normal issues. However, parents should not ignore any unwanted changes in their children and should take them seriously. These days you can get all information very easily through internet. Little awareness can save children from worst situation. As the saying goes, precaution is better than cure so you should be always ready to protect your children from any sort of disease.


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