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Saturday , March 25 2017
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Improve Your Sight And Regulate The Eye Pressure With a Natural Cure

Red eye bright helps in curing glaucoma, conjunctivitis, improves the sight, removes the sty and lowers the inflammation processes in the organism, cleans the iris.

It is useful to wash your eyes with this herb from time to time.

The cream made of this herb helps in conjunctivitis treatment because of its anti inflammatory properties.

Glaucoma – the red eye bright regulates the eye pressure and reduces the symptoms of glaucoma in a short period of time.

Sty – a warm layer of this herb makes the pus to excrete and thus lowers he inflammation and successfully removes the sty.

Put one tablespoon of the herb, chopped in ¼ l of water. Let it boil. Then let it covered to stay to cool off until it reaches 30 Celsius degrees (which is not too hot or too cold for the eyes).

Put some of the tea in a cup so that it fills the cup to half of it. Put your head on the cup so that it covers the eye. Now open the eye. Raise your head up and lower it down again by not removing the cup.


Repeat this several times so that the eye is washed well. For the other eye take another cup and put new tea in it.

1 teaspoon of the herb

2 dl of water

Preparation: pour the boiled water over the herb and let it stay for 2 minutes, then filter it.

How to take: drink 2-3 cups per day for sight improvement and strengthening.

Warning: to make tea for layers or washing, enlarge the dose and put 2 tablespoons of the herb in 2 dl of water.

You shouldn’t take the herb if you have problems with the liver, stomach or ulcer. Also, pregnant women shouldn’t be taking this herb while carrying the baby or breast feeding.

Improves the sight

Put a little of wild thyme in every meal, wash your eyes with wild thyme tea. Do this until your sight gets better.

If your eyes are burning, you need to wash them with tea from broadleaf plantain or narrowleaf plantain.

Don’t wash you cheeks with water. Massage the places around your eyes with yoghurt and clean them well after the massage.

Massage your eyes with olive oil before going to sleep and after you wake u in the morning. Your eyes will strengthen and your sight will improve.

If your eyes are ill, put rotten apple, chopped on your eyes and a towel over it. In 8 days your eyes will be healthy.

Chopped parsley – 2 teaspoons are put in water and boiled for 3-4 minutes. Filter it and wash your eyes with the tea. Put layers of this tea during the night.

Chamomile – take chamomile, elderberry, rose leafs and wild baby’s breath and mix them well. Pour 1l of boiled water over 1 teaspoon of the mixture. Let it covered for 15 minutes. Filter it. Take away 3 cups of the tea and drink them three times a day. From the rest of the tea wash your eyes.

Put several drops of honey in warm water. Massage your eyes with it.




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