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Thursday , March 30 2017
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Changes On Your Nails That Warn Us About Different Illnesses!

Color, shape, thickness….these are all properties of the nails that can tell us many things about our health problems.

Our nails can be a warning to many health issues. Color, anomaly, spots, thickness, cracked, split nails –these are all signs of some intern health problems.


  1. Color of the nails

The healthy nails should be pinky-white with a half moon on the root of the nail. The green nails show there is some bacterial infection. The red stripes on the nails show that there is an infection of the heart valves. The blue nails show that you have oxygen insufficiency. Lifeless nails show that there is insufficiency of vitamins. White nails warn us that we might have problems with the liver. Dark spots on the point of the nails are sign of ageing and possible heart dysfunction.

  1. Thick nails

The thick nails aren’t normal if your nails are extremely thick it can be connected with problems of the lungs. The thick nails with wrinkles can be a sign of fungus infection. Cracked nail in the middle can show problems with the thyroid gland or psoriasis. Unusually thick nails can be a result of bad circulation.

  1. Cracked nails

Nails that often crack are a result of insufficiency of folic acid, vitamin C and proteins. In 10% of the cases the psoriasis starts in the nails. If your nails crack in the root they have white spots. The cracking of the nails is connected with chronic undernourishment.

  1. Nails in shape of a spoon

If your nails are curved to the outside and have a shape that is similar of a spoon, besides that are also thin, it can be a sign of iron insufficiency, or too much iron in the organism, or heart disease.

  1. Wrinkles on the nails

These uncomfortable occurrences on the nails can show psoriasis or autoimmune disease Alopecia areata  which causes hair loss.




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