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Sunday , March 26 2017
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The Most Expensive Food In The World That You Probably Won’t Afford Ever

Although the food is an essential part of our life because it is a basic need, it can also be a luxury. Some foods are so expensive that it is almost unbelievable that they are food. Read what that food is and what makes its’ price so high.

Beluga caviar

Beluga caviar is officially the most expensive commodity in the world. One can cost about 38 thousand dollars. This caviar consists of roes of Beluga called Huso Huso, which can be found only in the Caspian sea. This kind of fish needs 20 years of to reach maturity, and its roe is the most expensive of all roes used for caviar. The roe usually has black color.


The way of serving this caviar is luxurious too. It is served on slices of toast with special spoons produced only by certain types of metal in order to avoid the danger of the metal spoon having a bad taste. To make the cutlery for this caviar from beluga, bones and pearls are commonly used.

Kopi Luwak

This is the most expensive coffee in the world, from which one kg costs over 1000 dollars. It originates from Sumatra, and its name is given after the mammals called Luwak. This animals live in trees with coffee and eat the ripe fruit, then their droppings make this luxurious coffee.


They swallow the whole fruit, with all the coffee seeds, which then pass through their digestive system and undergo certain chemical and fermentation processes.

In the belly of the Luwak animals, the stomach juices remove the sharp edges and some of the caffeine and proteins that give a bitter taste of the coffee, after which greenish grains of coffee are thrown in the faeces. Once they are well cleaned and dried in the sun, the beans are fried like any other coffee. Those who have tried it say it tastes like chocolate and caramel.


During the Middle Ages, the saffron was often used as a spice in the noble houses – when a house was spicing their dishes with saffron, it was clear that that family was a family with property. From then until now the things about this spice haven’t change significantly. Saffron today is a privilege and used by only those who have deeper pockets.


The most expensive spice in the world got its name from the Persian word “za-faran” which means “be yellow”. One kg of the spice costs 1000 euros and even more.

One of the reasons why this spice is so expensive is that it is so hard to get. For one kg of the spice there need to be harvested between 110 and 170 saffron flowers. But it is not the only difficulty. Saffron can be harvested only once a year during flowering, a period of two weeks. The biggest producers are Spain and Iran, covering 80% of the world production, while smaller amounts of this spice is produced in Turkey and India.

Black truffle mushrooms

The royal mushroom, as the truffle is called, is very rare, so it’s one of the reasons why it is sold at 5000 euros per kg. The opinions are divided whether the truffle is a food or spice.


This mushroom has a very distinctive smell and applies to a very strong aphrodisiac. It has recently been proven by the Italian scientists that the truffle contains pheromones, chemicals that are found in the human body, and which encourage sexual activity.

Despite the exceptional taste, the truffle is known for its healing properties thanks to even 22 amino acids it contains. Known as the “brain” food because it restores grey cells and thus improves learning ability, memory, concentration and mental endurance.




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