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Saturday , March 25 2017
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Purina’s Beneful Brand Has Poisoned and Killed Thousands of Dogs!

To many people, pets are members of their family, their kids. However, not many of us are careful enough with the food we give them. Usually, pet food adds state that their food is the real food for pets, but once we check the ingredients such as animal by-products, corn by-products, and gluten meal, we are disappointed.


Currently, Nestle’s Purina Beneful brand is faced with a class action lawsuit for causing around 3,000 deaths of dogs. Maybe now is the time to start paying more attention on your pet’s food.

Conventional Dog Food

Some dog owners who have used Beneful food for their feeding, reported that their dogs got internal bleeding, incontinence, seizures, and liver malfunction. Two of its ingredients are especially causing damage. The chemical propylene glycol is one of them, which is used in antifreeze, and was the reason for many products banns in Europe.

Mycotoxins from improperly stored grains are another possible cause for the dog poisonings. It makes sense that it was caused by toxins, since there were a lot of liver failure incidences cited in the lawsuit. The testing for contaminated ingredients is ineffective and inconsistent, since the food for dogs contains large quantities of grain from various sources.

Lax regulation and testing combined with the large corporations’ tendency to meet the minimum possible standards for quality makes Purina Beneful, as well as other dog foods, likely to contain mycotoxins. Couple of consumers stated that the Beneful products they used had maggots. A lot of the symptoms told by dog owners are consistent with poisoning from mycotoxin. Nowadays the conventional dog food relies on grains, so the mycotoxins threat will always be here.

Homemade Dog Food as an Answer to This problem

It does sound like a lot of effort and money, but at the end it’s about your pet’s life.

You should check your dog food ingredients to avoid excessive grains, animal by-products, preservatives and sugar. By preparing a homemade food for your dog, you can give them a balanced diet of whole foods. Mix organic grass fed ground meat, like bison or beef, raw, and organic vegetables in a food processor.

Use different vegetables, but not onion, and add additions like avocado or eggs. The homemade food can mean a world to your dog, especially if it has health problems. After all, if you regard your pet as a family member, why not giving it a food with better quality?

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