Celebrities diet plan is something that is considered to be top secret. But no, the secret ingredient you probably already have it in your fridge.

Victoria Beckham is a firm supporter of the Alkaline Diet, Jennifer Lopez apparently confirms that the Dukan Diet is the best, Gwyneth Paltrow attends the Macrobiotic Diet, and Demi Moore gives credit to the Raw Food Diet for maintaining her fresh youthful look.

celebritiy-diet-planOne ingredient that is regularly accepted in all Hollywood diets is the low calorie vegetable – the cucumber.

“Cucumbers are the fourth most cultivated vegetable in the world, and one of the most loved superfoods, with good reason. They contain hydrating properties, valuable nutrients and are particularly low-calorie, making it a solid staple in any and every diet.” – says Professor Robyn McConchie, Professor of Horticulture and Pro-Dean at the University of Sydney

These are the top five reasons why celebrities diet plan is always with cucumbers in their daily routine:

  1. It facilitates the weight loss. The excess of weight is the main reason why celebrities do diet With 95 percent water, it’s easy to see why cucumbers are a staple ingredient. They’re a great low calorie snack that also keeps you hydrated. Jennifer Aniston swears that she is healthy and hydrated just by eating a cucumber salad every day.
  2. It helps you hide the big nights out. Cucumbers contain adequate amount of sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to renew the essential nutrients that the body had lost. We all know how the celebrities live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy, and they say that by eating a cucumber before going to bed they can wake up without headache or hangover.
  3. It helps to remove the cellulite. Celebrities are also terrified by ageing. The cellulite comes along with it. Luckily, cucumbers are effective at getting rid of the unwanted cellulite, because they bring out the excess fluids and tighten the collagen in your skin. So place a piece of cucumber on your skin, it will work as a natural skin lifter.
  4. They help you reduce the stress. An easy way to relax, is to cut up a cucumber and place it in a water that boils. The nutrients from the cucumber will be dispensed in the steam, creating a relaxing aroma. Isn’t that a quick stress reliever?
  5. It helps your skin glow. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid within cucumbers prevent water retention in the skin, so it reduces swelling under the eyes and helps achieve fresh and youthful complexion.