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Sunday , March 26 2017
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Health Benefits Of Prawns


Seafood always remain top of the list of healthy foods so as the case with prawns. Basically, there are two types of prawns found in oceans the bigger ones called the tiger prawns and the other type include smaller ones. Not only they are delicious and tempting but they are healthy on the other way. Health benefits of prawns include delayed ageing, immunity booster, cut off inflammation, cancer resistive and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases & macular degeneration.
Moreover it is known to relieve fatigue, menstrual cramps and prolong sexual desire, prevent dementia, helps in weight loss and also ads to quality of life.

Nutritional Profile:
If you are looking for high protein and no carbs food then prawns serve you the best option. Roughly, 8 prawns provide you with 100 calories, 19 grams protein and only 13 gram fats. There lie many myths about the cholesterol content of prawns, people thought it affects their blood lipid profile but they don’t know that this is the good type of cholesterol which counters balance the effect of bad cholesterol in our body thus health experts considered it heart healthy.

Health Benefits:
• Selenium can prevent cancer:
Cancer is a highly prevailing disease all over the world but little care and awareness can help in the prevention of this evil. Selenium is a micro nutrient that has a dominant role in resisting the growth of cancer cells and auspiciously prawns are rich in it. So eating prawns makes you more competitive against cancer.

• Omega-3 fatty acids is good for heart& brain:
Prawns are the richest source of omega3 which are nominated as essential fatty acids for human body. It maintains good circulation, widens the arteries by eliminating bad cholesterol thus regulates blood pressure and reduce the hazard of coronary heart diseases. Moreover it nourishes brain cells which lessen the risk of brain abnormalities like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

• Keep bones & teeth strong:
It contains an appropriate amount of calcium which is the major nutrient required by bones and teeth for their maintenance and integrity. It also keeps one at lower risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

• Vitamin-E nourish skin, hair & prevent cell damage:
Vitamin-E is also known as a skin friendly nutrient as it repairs skin damage exfoliating dead cell and replacing them with new cells. It prevents sun burns, rashes and other skin allergies. People suffering from hair falling, dull hair or alopecia must indulge vitamin-E rich foods as prawns in their diet to get beneficial results. Additionally, the role of vitamin-E as anti-oxidant reduces the damage caused by free radicals and preserves proper functioning of the body.

• Vitamin-B12 improves cognitive abilities:
B-vitamins always remain dominant in sustaining good health including vitamin-B12 which sharpens memory, enhance concentration and keeps you active all day long.

• Protein helps body repair & muscle building:
Human body is made up of many building blocks and protein is the major of them. Our body undergoes many wear and tear processes regularly which is compensated by proteins. Fortunately, prawns are rich in the wealth of high quality protein that not only repairs the damage caused by injury but also promotes muscle building.

• Low calories in prawns help lose weight :
Being high in protein, less in fats and with low calorie content prawns are considered ideal to fulfill the purpose of weight lose without any side effects.




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