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Tuesday , March 28 2017
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Watch the overwhelming reaction of a 15 year old immediately after waking up from heart transplant surgery

Medical research in organ transplantation has progressed to new heights in recent times. The ability to transplant limbs, a kidney or a heart has broken early barriers of medical research. But beyond the nature of discovery is the ability of medical science to renew life, renew hope and bring happiness to humanity. Here’s a heart-warming account of a 15-year-old boy and his reaction after awakening from a heart transplant surgery.

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1Trevor Sullivan Undergoes Successful Heart Transplant Surgery

15-year-old Trevor Sullivan of Detroit USA was to become one of the finest living examples of a successful heart transplantation on Nov 13th 2015. But more than the knowledge of the path breaking surgery was the heartwarming video of him waking up from surgery an hour later. The video shared by his grateful father Phillip Sullivan has gone viral on social media.

After a year’s struggle with the deadly disease Cardiomyopathy, Trevor waited 8 long months to receive a donor. He finally found one in November and underwent successful transplant surgery that took hours. The Moment of his awakening is enough to bring tears to the eyes of many. Trevor is completely emotional. The gratitude of breathing freely again is enough to make him sob with relief.

Trevor Sullivan Undergoes Successful Heart Transplant Surgery


2 Sullivan’s reaction

Despite of his condition after surgery, Trevor is overwhelmed withhappiness and pours out his heart to his father in simple but powerful terms.

In Trevor’s own words,“I’m so happy……I’m so so happy….I’ve..I’ve been waiting for so long…I can breathe again…I can talk.”

3 The video – “I Feel amazing…..I never felt so good….”

The beautiful family moment was captured on video by Trevor’s Mother, Kimberly Sullivan moments after Trevor recovered from surgery. On the 19th of January, she shared it with an NGO ‘The Gift of Life Michigan’, which is engaged in the coordination of donated organs from deceased donors.

The purpose of sharing according to Kimberly was to raise awareness on Cardiomyopathy and the profound importance of organ donation and translation.

I Feel amazing

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4Trevor was a hale and hearty 15 years old till disaster struck

It was one year ago in 2014, when Trevor contracted Cardiomyopathy. The condition was a life threatening one which enlarged heart muscles. The result was a continuous pressure on his lungs which made breathing difficult. For Trevor it was both a suffering and a struggle waking up each day to feel the increasing pressure on his chest. He could not be active, nor engage in any physical activity. The weight bearing upon his chest cavity was strangling his lungs and every breath of air was a painful effort.

Trevor who hailed from South port Michigan was an active and healthy kid who aspired to be a wrestler. However Post 2014, his complaints of colds, headaches, fatigue and difficult breathing grew worse. Although initially his doctors never really found anything seriously wrong, it was when he started gaining weight and his conditioned worsened that the killer disease showed itself on a CT scan in early 2015.

Trevor was a hale and hearty 15 years old till disaster struck

5 Hope! After 10 long months of agony!

When things took a turn for the worse after he suffered heart failure, Trevor was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and a heart transplant was the only answer. Thereafter the family experienced living hell.

Medical research still hasn’t proved the causes and reasons for Cardiomyopathy. It could be genetic; it could be the result of alchohol or drug abuse or even the increase of protein in the heart. The condition has been linked to 440,000 deaths the world over as reported by WHO. Be as it may, Trevor’s family was devastated.

With increasing medical expenses, Trevorand his parents suffered a wait of 10 long months till hope reared itself in the guise of a donor. The prayers of Trevor’s family were finally answered.

Hope! After 10 long months of agony!

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6It’s a new dawn for Trevor!

After a successful operation lasting hours, Trevor was recovering well. Although Trevor is still on Immunosuprressants, Doctors declared that he should be able to resume normal activity soon, although there is a possibility he may be able to participate in streneous sports. However given the extreme odds, this incident will always be a huge milestone and a turning point in Trevor’s life because for him it was like being born again to breathe free.

It’s a new dawn for Trevor!

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It seems from watching this video that Trevor’s reactions and emotional outpouring can teach us a thing or two. While we may take the mundane little action of breathing in and out each second for granted, it can be the cause of immense suffering and pain. Thus Life is precious and we should revere it as such.

Trevor’s perspective on life will change. His gratitude from the video proves that beyond any doubt.



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