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Millennial women want to look flawless without the hassle. In two words; simple perfection. Multi-use products are their go-to. There are plenty of products out there that are versatile in almost every way. For example, the product Nudestix can be applied to your lip, cheek, and even eyelids.

We know everyone loves makeup, but not the damage it can do to skin. A recent study found a trend in makeup habits and skin quality in the modern day busy woman. Results showed Millennials love the skin that they are in!

Does this mean that we are taking better care of our skin?

Uniqueness is something that Gen Y wants to flaunt. Natural ingredients are a primary concern when selecting a product that might touch or blemish the face of a Millennial. As a result, Botox, along with other harmful chemicals, is on its way out.

Baby Boomers seem to want to cover any and all signs that they are aging. Concealers and age-correcting serums were more likely to be used on their skin than that of the next generation.

This isn’t to say that all younger generation potential make-up wearers are boycotting face and beauty products. No, this simply can’t be true in the midst of the trend of contouring to the extreme. It also means that we are now more conscious of what we put on–and for that matter, in–our bodies. Simple and clean seems to be the way to go. Gen Y is ready to take responsibility for what they put their health through, almost obsessively. Organic products that ensure 100% clean and natural products go into your skin treatments are topping the sales charts.


Do-It-Yourself makeup trends litter Youtube. Thousands of contouring-blush- brushing-style divas and divos give out their advice on attaining the perfect skin. Millions of subscribers around the world tune in weekly, or even daily, to view what is the next DIY trend.
Pilling on makeup may be part of our routine some days, but Millennials also love the beauty of a simple coat of mascara and lip balm without the hassle of layering on products that could block their pores. With so many beauty blemishes to worry about; acne, scarring, clogged pores, etc; it is nice to know that we are now focusing on keeping it clean.

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