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Thursday , March 30 2017
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12 Hairstyles You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

When I answer questions about what my zodiac sign is, I always get a, “Oh, that makes sense.” What makes sense? Then, I proceeded to read about my horoscope, and then I’m like, yup… I see it! Although I don’t embody my zodiac sign to a T, I do see some of those Scorpio traits in me! It’s actually pretty cool to read about the characteristics and see how similar I am to my sign. Whether you believe it or not, it’s still fun to read about zodiac signs and to think of family and friends who share that sign. I feel like most of my really close friends share the same zodiac sign! So weird!

I’m a Scorpio, and I love reading about the type of things Scorpios are into when it comes to style and food. Although it might not be super accurate, it’s pretty interesting to read. Since spring is here, it’s time to change up your look! What better way to decide on a haircut than to get one based on your zodiac sign? Should you let it grow or get an undercut? Learn what haircut you should get based off your zodiac sign right here!

#1 Scorpio- Long Messy Bob

Scorpios are the most passionate, stubborn and brave. To match their fiery personality long messy bob will be the best choice for a haircut.

#2 Aries- Short Pixie Haircuts

People born between March21st and April 19th are usually courageous, determine and passionate because of these traits they can pull this short pixie hairdo very well.

#3 Capricorn- Slicked Back Bob

These are very professionals and disciplined kind of people. Slick back bob will go through their professional look.


#4 Taurus- Bangs Haircut

People born between April 20th and May 20th are Taurus, they are more down to earth, patient and most reliable people. They want a simple hairdo which they can carry anywhere everywhere. Long Bands are their style to go.

#5 Gemini- Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Gemini’s are the most affectionate, humble and curious. To bring out your charm and cute face this pixie with long side bangs will go through with your style.

#6 Virgo- Long Layers

They are basically the perfectionist of the 12 signs. They pay close attention to every single detail. The Long Layers will go with their versatile personality.

#7 Libra- Beachy Waves With Long Bands

Libras are the most co-operative and kind people on earth, they have the most relaxed personality of all. To match their chill vibes beachy waves with long bangs will suit so perfect.

#8 Saggitarius- Short Curly Wavy

Saggitarius are very charismatic, energetic, lively and straightforward kind of. short curly wavy hairdo will go with your personality.

#9 Leo- Long Sleek Hair

These natural born leaders can be very persuasive at times. They are very dramatic and confident about themselves, they know how to rock any kind of hairstyle. But long sleek hair will add up to their personality really well.


#10 Pisces- Retro Bob

Pisces are very artistic and intellectual. Retro bob is the haircut which will make their personality look more intellectual.

#11 Cancer-Shaggy Bob

Cancers are the most emotional, sentimental, faithful and imaginative. They need a hairdo which matches their blood, A shaggy bob will go through with their awesome traits.

#12 Aquarius- Baby Bangs

Aquarius are very progressive and intellectual person. Baby bangs are a bold look which this sign can pull off very easily.







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